Why GeekGurl Gear?

Wear what makes you happy because happiness looks gorgeous on you!

Here at GeekGurl Gear, we believe in putting it all out there, and we think that your clothes should reflect the real you. We make quality clothes that we are proud to wear and we hope you will be too.

We also believe that there are plenty of materials out there that can be of use without manufacturing more stuff. Therefore, our totes and bags are made from recycled materials, fabric and mixed media whenever possible, right here in Northern California. Each one is unique and fun. 

So show your true colors and shine!

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About Us

Valerie Fredericks


Geekgurl Gear is dedicated to providing fun clothing for the geek in us. Our owner/designer is a geek, of course. And she knows what makes her happy, so she is now bringing it to others so they can be happy too!

Our shop is in Northern California’s Bay Area. For our totes and bags, we use mixed media, and recycled materials when possible, and geeky prints of course. Our materials include leather scraps, natural fabrics like linen, cotton and canvas, wood buttons, inks and paints of several types. This makes each of our bags unique.

Our skirts are made from cotton and cotton blends. For our selection of amazing current prints, click here

We want you, our fellow geekgurl, to express your geekery without saying a word!

Contact us for questions, comments or any feedback via your favorite social media or email below.

Thank you,

The GeekGurl Gear Team